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Paperworks Balloons

Ballooning since 1985!   

       At Paperworks Balloons, we offer the latest in quality balloon design as well as customer service. Creating a spectacular atmosphere for your event is our primary focus and we promise to do so. We are always excited to deliver a new and exciting piece of balloon art. Let us take care of the details, you ENJOY yourself! At Paperworks, We Blow So You Don't Have To!    

It's a Family Affair!

Our Story

The story of Paperworks begins in 1985, when 19-year-old Lisa Holt (then Lisa Meisner) opened Paperworks Balloons & Gifts just off the Route 1 corridor in downtown College Park near the University of Maryland. Selling balloons, cards, and gifts, the shop quickly became a community staple and was the hub of Lisa's blossoming balloon decorating business. Birthday deliveries around town, arches and creative displays around campus, and a growing list of corporate clients boosted the brand new business. 

About Lisa:

Lisa Holt, President of Paperworks Balloons, aims to deliver the best of balloon experiences to her clients. Her youthful, high energy demeanor will ensure a positive experience.